Why Plan?

You need to know where you are today, in order to get to where you’d like to be. Just as a nagging injury threatens to disrupt a runner’s ability to train properly, any unresolved financial problems pose a threat to even the best of plans. With that in mind, most relationships with Long Run Financial, Ltd. begin with an assessment of your current financial health. As part of the assessment, I create a Net Worth Statement. This statement provides a snapshot of your present financial situation. I then compile a Statement of Monthly Cash Flows by reviewing your previous spending activities and then organizing the data into a concise statement. When completed, this statement reveals where you’re spending your money. After reviewing the data, I will determine an appropriate course of action. My recommendations will be based on a combination of my findings and your objectives. With your finances in order, I can then assist you in setting realistic expectations and together we’ll formulate a plan to you get there.


College Funding;  Retirement Saving