Portfolio Models

Income Portfolio:

The primary objective of the Income Portfolio is to create dividend and interest income. Investments in this portfolio include large quality dividend paying firms, REITS, Utility stocks, and others. Among those for whom this portfolio is suited is the retiree who’s willing to assume some equity risk in efforts to achieve some growth of principal.

Income with Growth Portfolio:

The Income with Growth Portfolio provides a balance of income producing and growth oriented investments. This portfolio would be appropriate for the investor approaching retirement.

Growth Portfolio:

The Growth Portfolio is concentrated in growth oriented investments. It includes an increased allocation towards International and Alternative investments. This portfolio is appropriate for the investor whose investment horizon is ten or more years.

Aggressive Growth Portfolio:

The Aggressive Growth Portfolio seeks to maximize investment growth. Growth maximization significantly increases portfolio volatility. This portfolio is appropriate for the investor with an investment horizon of 20 or more years. It may also be appropriate for the “risk pool” portion of a sophisticated investor’s portfolio.


Portfolio Management Fees:

Portfolio Management Fees are based on the size of the invested portfolio. Our customized Portfolios are created using No-Load Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’S). I receive no compensation from any sources other than the client’s fee. This allows me to work with you as a partner instead of as a salesman and provides additional assurance that our only interest is your interest.

Dennis Gravitt, President
Long Run Financial, Ltd.