Portfolio Management

Long Run Financial, Ltd. provides two levels of investment management service through its advisory relationship with Scottrade®. We offer four portfolio models, selecting a diversified hand-picked arrangement of No-Load Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds, based on the clients objectives.

Levels of Service:

Basic Level– Initial Review, Reallocation, Quarterly Rebalancing, Account Transfer Assistance, Quarterly Performance Reporting

Comprehensive Level– Includes all services offered at the Basic Level and a Net Worth Report, Detailed Analysis of Present Cash Flows, Budgeting Advice (as necessary), Debt Paydown Scenario (Debt Snowball), Retirement Needs Analysis, Annual Updating, College Planning, Affordability Modeling & Analysis, Current Financial Needs Analysis, and Additional Services as Requested.


Note: Each individual client portfolio is designed with a particular objective in mind. Various factors including age, investing horizon, and aversion to risk, are considered when selecting a specific portfolio for a client. Allocations are based on investment experience and perceived market direction.