During my corporate working years, I’d been fairly diligent about saving for retirement. With each annual raise, I’d increased my contribution to the company 401k plan. For many of those years, the market had been roaring and it appeared that the streak would never end. In efforts to maximize my 401k returns, I’d begun reading about investing, even subscribing to a few financial magazines. Then, in 2001 the bubble burst and my portfolio went up in smoke along with all of the others caught up in the Dotcom craze. I became frustrated and dejected, believing I’d been let down by the “experts”, victimized in a sense, thrown under the bus.

My precious nest egg, the bastion through which the miracle of compounding and dollar-cost averaging was going to forgive all of my previous financial foibles, dropped nearly 50% in a matter of months. It was then I decided to take a stand. Although I couldn’t have known it at the time, but I’d begun a journey that would not only change the way that I managed my own personal finances, but which would lead to a nearly decade long transformation culminating in a mission to assist others in effecting financial change in their lives as well.