New Career

I graduated in the spring of 2005 and entered a Financial Advisor Trainee program with a major brokerage firm. Within a few months of joining the firm, I realized it wasn’t a good fit. My desire was to help people develop financial plans, not become a purveyor of financial products to folks who already had money. After careful consideration, I resigned the position to pursue this goal.

A few weeks later, I began working with a Certified Financial Planner. While his business model did include a planning aspect, the business was geared toward working specifically with High Net Worth people; once again, these were folks who already had money-lots of it. I’d long since determined I wanted to work with people from all walks of life, and empower them to make good financial decisions for themselves and their families. If I could accomplish this task, it would increase their chances of creating a happy and fulfilling life in the present, and at the same time enable them to prepare for the future.

Ultimately, I believe God wants us all to be happy and content each and everyday. Too many people live lives of quiet desperation, at the root of which is materialism and a sense of lack. Ultimately, we become mired in a vicious cycle of perpetual money worries. With a goal of liberating people from their concerns about money, I opened Long Run Financial, Ltd., in August of 2007. Today I assist people across the socio-economic spectrum, enabling them to give, save, and live as God intended.


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